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Are you looking to have a steady supply of transcription work, work at home, and take pride in being a great transcriptionist? Then we are the company for you! Transcribe Team is an online-only transcription company looking for the best transcriptionists in the business. If you are one of them, you should apply.



Work from home

You just need your computer and your connection to the internet.

Get paid every week on time

We pay monthly via PayPal.

Work when you want

Work as much or as little as you want, whenever you want.

Get the support you need

Our support members help you in any way they can.

Work on what you want

Choose transcription and editing jobs that you're interested in.

Gain skills

Gain experience transcribing audio and editing and reviewing transcripts.

Enjoy variety

Transcribe a court recording one day and a business meeting the next.

Stay busy

We have transcription and editing work available to do when you want.


$0.40 - $1.25 range of pay per audio minute

$132 average earnings per month

$2,282 top monthly earnings

Why Join Transcribe Team?

Increase Your Productivity

Don’t worry about trying to pitch customers, trying to get owed payments, or dealing with project management logistics. With Transcribe Team, work comes to you. Just log in, pick a job, and start earning money.

Be Valued

We want to see you have success. We know a good transcriptionist is hard to come by. We value anyone who does great work. We want you to be able to work when you have time, so you can maintain the pride in your craft and have a great time as well.

Feel Like You Belong

We have a community of global professionals that talk, share ideas, and can work from home. Don't go to the office. Your home is your office!