About Us

Transcribe Team is a technology-oriented transcription service designed to help businesses and individuals get simple, fast, affordable, accurate, and confidential transcription for their audio and video.

We offer the fastest turnaround and highest accuracy possible for a transcription service. We are located in Arlington, Virginia in the United States.

Our client goals


We hire only the top three percent of transcriptionists who apply to us, so our clients receive extremely accurate transcriptions of their audio and video.


We aim to get our clients back their transcriptions as quickly as possible, typically 48 hours, using our streamlined transcription workflow.


We save our clients money by charging only $1.00 per minute of audio or video. We are able to charge less because we use technology to streamline work by our transcriptionists and editors.


We process all audio in-house using our secure servers and never share your audio with third parties or publish it anywhere on the Internet. Audio is kept on file for a maximum of 14 days once completed. All transcriptionists and editors are under strict non-disclosure agreements.


We make it easy to get your audio or video transcribed. All you have to do is upload your files or give us links on our easy form and pay. Simple.